Terms & Conditions

View our terms and conditions for JD Moling Ltd in London.

Terms & Conditions

‘Customer’ means the customer whose name is on the quote/invoice.

1. All quotations/estimates and contracts are accepted on these terms. Unless agreed in writing and signed by the customer and an authorised person on behalf of JD MOLING LTD.

2. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date on the quotation form. Quotations are subject to withdrawal at any time before receipt of qualified instructions from the customer. After 30 days the customer must request a new quotation. Quotations are prepared using a combination of labour/material costs and price per metre of pipe laid.

3. The work to be performed will be specified in our quotation and forms the basis of the contract. If however, on closer inspection, the work takes longer and/or involves the use of more materials than originally anticipated, JD MOLING LTD reserves the right to increase the quote. If this happens:

a) JD MOLING LTD will notify the customer as soon as reasonably possible.
b) A new quotation will be prepared at the revised price and this quotation will then replace the original quotation.
c) If the customer no longer wishes to proceed with the work at the new price, they agree to notify JD MOLING LTD in writing.
d) If the customer does not wish to proceed with the work at the new price JD MOLING LTD will charge the customer for any materials used and time spent on the job.

4. JD MOLING LTD requires a deposit of 50% before commencement of any work over the value of £3,000 this can be paid by bank transfer.

5. Payment

a) Invoices will be emailed to the customer on completion of the work and payment should be made to us on completion, unless otherwise agreed in writing (see below clause 5c).

b) The price payable will be the amount of the quotation or revised quotation, whichever is dated.

c) At our sole discretion payment may be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice, this must be agreed in writing. If unpaid these invoices will be subject to late payment charge.

d) JD MOLING Ltd will issue the Water Regulations Certificate (WIAPS) once we have received payment in full.
Late payment

6. In the event that an invoice remains unpaid after 30 days it will become subject to the following charges.
A late payment administration charge of £30.00 + VAT

7. JD MOLING LTD does not accept responsibility for any rust or limescale deposits that may occasionally be loosened in the customers’ existing pipework when we restore full water pressure after laying or working on pipework. This is beyond our control and is sometimes a natural consequence of high pressure water flowing through older pipework.

JD MOLING contractors are only responsible for the pipework being installed or worked on directly by our engineers. Any other pipework or problems which may arise from existing pipework will remain the responsibility of the customer.

8. Where JD MOLING LTD is required to reinstate the existing ground covering, we will endeavour to match it but cannot guarantee that the shade or colouring of the replaced ground covering will match the surrounding ground covering. This is unavoidable because of the age difference between the newer materials used and the older materials in the existing surface.

9. JD MOLING will not be responsible for resurfacing again if ground conditions exist that prevent water from the leaking pipe from draining away properly causing the newly laid surface to settle later once the ground dries out.

10. JD MOLING LTD will implement all health and safety measures required to protect our customers and ourselves but will not be held liable if injury occurs to the customer or a third party if those health and safety measures are ignored.
Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions.


JD MOLING LTD guarantees completed work for 10 years. This guarantee applies only to the pipework JD MOLING LTD has laid. (Full supply pipe relays only)

a. This guarantee does not cover defects due to misuse or faults caused by the customer or any other third party working for the customer. The guarantee is rendered void by any further work carried out on the pipework by contractors or any other third party other than JD MOLING LTD.

b. The guarantee does not cover any accidental damage caused over time by such things as tree roots, faulty water company meters units, ground slip or subsidence.

c. We reserve the right to withhold the guarantee if after repairing/laying the pipework we feel that further work is required to prevent a future fault and the customer does not wish to proceed.

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Don't Ignore A Leaking Pipe

There are many reasons why people may need to have pipework replacements or water main replacements in their home or property.

Split pipes and burst pipes are a common nightmare for many people in their home. Once the pipes start to split they will just keep splitting and the fittings will start to burst here and there around the house, often at the worst time.

All homeowners and even those renting should be aware of the signs of deteriorating pipes, bursting or splitting pipes, and suspect looking joints in your pipework which may cause at the very least a nuisance, and in more extreme cases a disaster incurring massive cost in damages to your building or posessions.

Have You Got Low Pressure?

Spotting Low water pressure is usually easy to spot by how irritating it can be when you try to turn on two different plumbing fixtures at the same time, whether it be an outside tap or garden hose, the kitchen sink or basin, a shower or even a toilet.

Although your water pressure may be sufficient when only one fixture is operational, you’ll definitely notice a drop in water flow when the second fixture comes into use.

The problem may be caused by poor pipe sizing, it could be because of poor plumbing design when the property was build or it could be due to a corroded water main line to your property. 

Our Accreditations

Water Company Approved contractor
CHAS Accredited contractor
Safe Contractor Approved
All services guaranteed
approved plumber
WIAPS certificate for all replacement parts
StreetWorks registered
TAPS 5 Thames Water Approved contractor

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